Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wedding love

We've been busy little bees at the shop these days. We're in the heart of wedding season! Big high five to all my florist sisters and brothers out there who know exactly what we're going through. It's really hard to balance life right now but I'm doing my very best and certainly no complaints about being so busy, if anything, heartbroken that we're starting to have to turn weddings away! More pics to come!
Alison xo


Urbanstems said...

Super blooms Lady C. Love them. Great you are a busy bee with wedding work. Hope you still have a moment to dance though! Sinead x

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison! I'm an Italian florist and sometimes i follow your blog. You are a very talented florist. Here we are in the same lucky situation!! It's really fun to turn on your blog and see what a florist so far away is doing and creating in these days. Big five to you!!


Alanna said...

high fives to you too florist sistah!!its madness out here on the west coast too at billies flower house in Squamish! met one of your friends recently in Squamish. Best of luck to you this summer and I love following your blog:) Mine is not as updated or fun, more business-y stuff but you always inspire me :)

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Celine said...

Alison! you've done flowers for two of my brides and I have to say that they are the absolute best flowers I have ever seen in all the weddings I have worked at.
honest and serious truth.
you have a real talent.


Unknown said...

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