Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love at first slurp!

When Lisa from A Food Gypsy came into Coriander Girl last week offering hand delivered fresh made soups, I thought, "This is a good idea. It's meals on wheels but soup and she's usually on foot so maybe it's nothing like meals on wheels! Or like any other take out because it's so different. It's fresh beautiful ingredients, sourced locally and the mason jar can go to great use here! She had me at summer split pea and dill and next week is tasty asparagus and leek. Nutritious gourmet soups in my fridge every week to get me through these long wedding work days, mom would be happy!
Thanks Lisa! Today's soup was extraordinarily delicious.
Alison xo


flwrjane said...

What a great idea. I want to do that.

Enjoy, looks delish.

xo jane

The Sassy Lamb said...

very happy to hear you have something to nourish you while you're at the shop!


Alison this is so amazing.I can't thank you enough.See you next week!


Jess W said...

Great idea, is it just the Queen Street West stretch?

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