Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To my darling dad. Happy Father's Day. My dear blog followers have come to know you as the Coriander Dad, Coriander Delivery boy, Coriander Caterer, Coriander Renovator, my Coriander Cheerleader. If they only knew just how extraordinary you really are. Your generosity, endless encouragement and support astonishes me every day.Your enthusiasm for life is infectious. I know how blessed I am to have you so close. Just yesterday as we boarded the water taxi to deliver flowers to Toronto Island I thought, "this is a time in my life I won't ever forget." I've said it just recently but we've become quite the team haven't we?
We've always been the others sidekick but more so than ever it seems. I love how close you and Tyler have become. I love you so completely. I want to yell it from roof tops to honour you! A wee blog post will have to do.

And to my darling step father, Walter Morehouse, Happy Father's Day. Your quiet praise is felt deep in my heart. Truly your support and love come through loud and clear. I don't have a pic of you on this new laptop, remember the water damage fiasco? But friends, I can assure you he's a handsome fellow. Picture a cross between, George Clooney and Danny Devito, yeah, my mom's one lucky lady! Really, you're such an adorable human and you've loved us a whole lot. Thank you so much for all that you've done for me pop.

And to Tyler's darling dad Bill, my soon to be my Father-in-law, Happy Father's Day Billy! The love you've shown your boys should have won you some kind of an award. And you've been so very loving to me, thank you. I hope you're having an extraordinary day today. Much love.

To all you dads out there and father's to be, Happy Father's Day! To my brother~ way to go! Jack is an incredible young man.
To my friends and family who have lost their fathers and some of you much too soon, my heart aches for you today. I simply cannot imagine life without dad.

In celebration of fathers, let's have a dance!
This one's for you Diddy! It's his theme song.
Click here and dance with me!

Alison xo