Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring cleaning=sweet dreaming

I don't know what it is about re-arranging a space that makes me feel all giddy n' stuff but my goodness, it's so much better to work in the shop now!
After three weddings last week end, Kerriander and I decided we couldn't work like this anymore. The boutique was crammed with arrangements and with no work space, we felt uninspired and even a little crabby. Coriander Girl crabby? Oh yeah, it happens.
When customers come in to the shop on a wedding week end, they don't know what to do with themselves because there is no place to move! So, what did we do?
This picture below shows the old space, a central table for product, the long counter top and the space behind for storage(junk) and the long work table to the side was more retail space.

First, Coriander Dad removed the giant counter top I thought I needed, which really was just a catch all for crapola, he chopped her in half and we brought it down into the centre of the shop. Next we repositioned some of the carts and things at the back of the shop to accommodate the work table I had in the front of the shop. It's a whole new world!

Here's that space I was talking about behind the counter, a waste of space really. Now we can design back there, I can meet with clients around the work table and people coming into the shop don't have to weave around buckets of flowers and clippings all over the floor!

Here's the back area now! As you can see there are arrangements all around but not cluttering up the front of the house. I'll have more pictures of the rest of the space soon and pictures of the weddings we've done so far this season!

And here's the lil' doodle hardly phased at all by the changes.

I want to thank my dad for being by my side on wedding deliveries and for set up these past few weeks. We've been quite the team and he's even becoming as meticulous as me, if not more, when it comes to moving the flowers from the shop to the truck to the venue. He treats them with such care, like the delicate little master pieces they are. He's just so dear and treats me with such great respect when we're working and in life. I'm so lucky. Thanks Diddy.

Alison xo


Jaime said...

I love re-organizing things! It totally makes me all calm and happy. Glad your space is working better for you girl!

Urbanstems said...

I love the re-organising thing too!! People come into my house and try to guess what has moved - sometimes it could be just a picture!! Love the shop and those blooms for the wedding with the delphiniums and hydrangea looks fab! Sinead x ps nice team work with your Dad - priceless

Denise Fasanello said...

Awesome! I too am eyeing my storage space and wanting to totally redo it all. Go Dad!

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