Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding season!

If you're wondering where I've been all your life, I'm held up prisoner in my little shop arranging flowers for all those gorgeous brides to be. Wedding season is in full swing!
This past week end for Shira and Chris was a special one. Shira and I had taken acting classes together when we were young. We hadn't seen each other since we were 14 or so. She and her fiance randomly walked in last fall and less then seven months later I'm at The Berkley arranging flowers for her wedding. I did this one all on my own and I was really proud to see it all come together so beautifully.

Fresh cut ontario delphiniums in the most perfect light blue, white peonies, poppy red anemones, rich red ranunculus, feathery queen annes lace and creamy white tulips for the centre pieces.

The bouquets were fresh and whimsical, giant dutchess peonies with a few sprigs of lily of the valley, veronica, blue and red anemones, ranunculus and dark red berries.

Today being one of the hottest days of the year so far, I recommend a cold beverage on a sun filled patio. After my work after work tonight, not a typo, there is always two hours more at home! You know like, 'after the party, it's the after party.' Well, after that, Tyler and I are going to spend some good quality time in our bare feet on the balcony with some home made iced tea, preferably spiked and the tunes pumpin. Honey, break out the gin! I'm thinking MC Hammer. Stay cool little doodles. And something else to consider, AC is a luxury and should not be abused. It's summer, but if you need AC for sleeping or keeping your bunny rabbit alive, that's okay but we shouldn't need sweaters inside. If you want to see Ms. Westlake angry, go to a restaurant with me that is pumping AC and requiring me to put on another layer. I might even cause a scene.
Be bold people, live loud! Dance like it's your last time on the dance floor!

Alison xo


*junkrestore* said...

gorgeous arrangements, love love love the canning jar arrangement... and i'm with you on the a/c thing. i carry a sweater with me all summer and i live in bloody arizona.

Urbanstems said...

..great wedding work Lady C! Good to see your still popping out the tunes after a hard days work! The a/c thing is not an issue in Ireland. Here you need to bring a sweater, an umbrella and suncream to the beach cos you never know what kinda day it could be in fact all 3 accoutrements could be required !!?!

AKON said...

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