Monday, May 24, 2010

Oceanic flight 815

I'm terribly emotional when it comes to endings. After the final episode of Six feet Under I called every family member in tears telling them how much I loved them and didn't tell them enough.
Last night was another tearful goodbye. Oh Jack Shephard, you were such a good man. The whole gang, Kate and Hurley, Sawyer and Locke, Jin and Sun, Sayed and Desmond, Claire and Charlie, I even miss 'the others.'
I'm LOST with out all of you.
And in perfect LOST form, the show left me with just as many questions going out as I came in! I've got my theory though and I feel very good about the way it ended.
xo RIP


Aprile said...

Haha yayy! You watched it right to the end! A lot of people gave up on it. We were a bit frustrated with the finale, but it was definitely a tear jerker. Maybe I'll come by and we'll chat about it soon, and about doing your windows too! Did you have the pottery show yet?

Gaia said...

so you have your theory? can you explain to me?

BTW.... I cried...I know I'll miss him!

Laura Collins said...

I felt the same way! I was very happy about the ending too. I was just perfect... I have read some bad reviews but I was left satisfied. It was a great show, and a nice way to end things off!

Merissa Revestir said...

:) haha, this is cute. The Lost fans at my work even went as far as starting a sympathy card and writing in it. I know I live in Hawaii, but I haven't kept up with the show :( and to add to that, one of my friends, Terrie, was an actual "Other". I will tell her that you miss the "Others" along with the cast. She'll love hearing it!

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