Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday night I feel the air is gettin' hot

Today felt like I was in a movie montage, but near the end of the montage when the shots start showing the new flower shop owner with line ups of people waiting to buy flowers! I think I've turned a corner!! I don't want to jinx it but man, I'm so very excited!

I couldn't be more thankful and humbled by the support of my community and the surrounding areas. I know the trials and tribulations that come with starting a business. It isn't easy. In fact, a woman today came in for a visit to share with me her sad news that she recently was forced to close the doors on her young flower shop in the beaches. Her chin wiggled a bit and I suddenly found myself hugging a complete stranger. I rattle on and on about pursuing your dreams and you cannot fail, the universe will support blah blah blah. This woman followed her heart and she gave it her all and things didn't work out. I'm convinced this is only the beginning for her. How can anyone prosper straight out of the gate with rents over $2500 a month? The universe is good but maybe it's still paying off it's student loans?

I say, Caroline, you are warrior and you will make arrangements again! And people, you need to stop supporting the flower trade that delivers to your local grocery store. These flowers are $5 a bunch because they come from a company in Columbia or god knows where else, where the workers aren't allowed bathroom breaks, the women suffer extreme sexual harassment, and the flowers are grown in tubes, in doors- producing no natural smells of loveliness because there are no bees to attract! They sit on a cargo plane for days, then on trucks for hours, and then get to the auction and then get sprayed with aerosol cans that read 'rose scent', 'freesia scent', it's non scents!!! Stop the madness! And consider why your flowers are so cheap. I assure you some sad Sally out there is paying the price. I'll climb down off my soap box now.

I think I've been building this resentment because recently a woman came in and demanded I sell tulips like they do on Roncesvalles for $5 a bunch. She owns an Italian restaurant across the street. You know when you experience a serious, "I should have said" and it eats at you in your sleep. I should have said, "Lady, have you considered 3 for 1 pizza? Because just a hop and a skip from here I can get 3 for 1 pizza. I demand you start selling me three pieces for the price of one in your fine Italian restaurant." That would have shut her up pretty fast. Instead, I said, "Thanks, I'll consider it."

All the woulda, coulda, shoulda's
Layin' in the sun
Talkin' bout the things
They woulda, coulda, shoulda done
But those woulda, coulda, shoulda's
All ran away and hid
From one little did.

Shel Silverstein "Falling up"

Let's all raise a glass tonight to Caroline for taking a risk and pursuing a dream. Don't give up warrior lady!
Let's all look back on our lives and say, 'I did that." No more 'shoulda's.'
Who's with me? I said, WHO'S WITH ME MUTHA $%&*@#! (say this like Samuel L Jackson, and it will be much more affective)
Good night lil' doodles.
xo Alison


Becky Devlin said...

I'm with you, Allison:) I just read about your shop in a mag I picked up and drooled all over the page! I dream of having a similar shop here in Virginia. Your website, your shop and your flowers are so beautiful. Oh, great post, too!

Tara said...

lovely happy to see you have a blog too. I hope someday to pursue something dreamy and you have inspired me!

t a n y a said...

I'm with you, girl!

Denise Fasanello said...


anabela / fieldguided said...

I'm pretty ignorant about these issues so I have to say thank you for sharing! You've made certain choices in your business and I'd love to learn more about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! I'm super inspired, your joy is infectious and makes me happy to see. I have my own business and I love what I do but I need to focus more on the joy and less on the stress.
Yay for loving what you do!

Urbanstems said...

Nice post Lady Coriander! ..Lady Coriander you may ask well why??...because full respect for not loosing the plot with Pizza lady. Soap box moments are allowed. And sometimes shuda wuda moments are better than I really shuda NOT said that!! You are so right about the supermarkets. Local growers over here are being priced out of the market. I will sign off using Miss Aretha Franklins words R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!!!!PLay it in your shop and have a dance..!!Sinead (Urbanstems) x

angelune said...

Ian and I are very inspired by your entrepreneurship, and that displayed by others in the neighbourhood like Karyn and the workroom, Kerry and Franny Vintage, and so on...
I go out of my way to support all of you because you have followed your dreams and in a way are fulfilling my dreams of being able to support people just like me, who want to make our lives more beautiful and not make others' lives more sad at the same time.
Chin up to you and Caroline.

Melissa said...

i sooo hear you- & completely agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! not sure how i stumbled across you but so glad i did whilst you are on your big ol'soapbox!!! yes you and all the others that keep those beautiful community corner flower shops- {or any other small buisness going} need to be supported and loved and recognised....
melissa :)

sweetie pie press said...

good stuff, allison. that follow your heart and money will follow garbage is why i have almost $20,000 in debt and a pile of useless press clipping and acting awards. it's a lie. success, growth and connections may follow. but what people want to spend money on is beyond me.

i think you have just stopped our convenience store flower buying, though. so, you won two souls in the good fight. that's something.

Melissa Dawn Melnitzer, MD said...

What beautiful flowers, and what inspirational entrepreneurship! I worked in Parkdale for seven years full-time on a program for homeless people at the community health centre there...holy, we could have used some flowers in the neighbourhood back then to brighten our days!

I'm a doctor who writes a daily blog about living authentically, and love to write more and more...dream of books...feel inspired by your gorgeous creations and your delightful spirit...will definitely come by some time to see the flowers for real!

Best wishes,

erica-knits said...

I so need to hear this, I'm totally ignorant to these issues. I'll be making a trip to your way tomorrow!

philippine flowers said...

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