Monday, January 30, 2017

Special Guest blogger today:: Mango Studios!!

From Mango Studios

To be honest, we fell in love with Lauren and Sacha the first time they came into our studio. Both with an amazing sense of humour, contagious laughter and impeccable style, we weren’t surprised when these two had an unforgettable, Casa Loma wedding filled with love and warmth!

Lauren and Sacha had a clear vision of their perfect, Casa Loma wedding from the start – a day surrounded by friends and family sharing good stories, over great food, and amazing wine. We really wanted to capture the essence of Lauren and Sacha’s dazzling personalities and tell a natural, seamless story of their big day. That’s why we took our signature candid approach to their wedding photography. By incorporating storytelling and editorial elements, we strived to capture their emotions and the warmth they shared with their family and friends in every shot.

Planned by Bisous Events, this wedding was filled with golden details, elegant decor and featured custom, white and blush florals by our friends, Coriander Girl. To say that we swooned over her bridal bouquet is an understatement! Delicate, yet lush, it was a perfect mirror to Lauren’s femininity and soft, kind personality.

What was one of the most memorable moments? The couple’s happy faces when they saw each other for the first time during the ceremony! The bride kept her Kleinfeld gown a secret from soon-to-be husband (as many brides do) but the groom also kept his custom suit a surprise for his bride. Paired with amazing music and their happy tears, I couldn’t help but tear up myself!

Wedding planner :: Bisous Events 
Photographer :: Mango Studios 
Dress :: Kleinfeld 
Flowers :: Coriander Girl (You're here!) 
As seen recently on Style Me Pretty 


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Marissa said...

So good it gave me goosebumps! Well done.

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Sarah said...

Lovely wedding. Great photos.

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Cinderella K said...

Once you get through initial "I know what's best" attitude of the manager here, you will agree that - he DOES know what's best, and he does not treat you like just some paycheck. During my wedding here, the wait staff at NYC wedding venues was absolutely the best.

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My husband and I had a particular vision for our wedding, and we were struggling to find the right venue, until we came across these NYC wedding venues. I liked this venue, the manager and his team are second to none.

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