Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My very first centre fold!

I thought I'd be in a bikini but instead my flowers have their very first centre fold in the very prestigious Toronto Life Wedding Guide! Coriander Girl is hangin' with some pretty big guns in this issue! Thank you to the amazing people at Toronto Life for including me in this super awesome floral spread. I am not at all capable of remaining composed with things like this. I let out a rather high pitched squeal tonight in Chapters and looked over to find five people grimacing over my delight, clearly they had been standing in lineups for far too long this evening. Well, I think there needs to be a serious dance party in the shop tomorrow people(Wednesday) if anyone feels like celebrating get your butts down here!
Thanks for your endless support dear hearts.
Alison xo


Alison Barber said...

Amazing! It's the Vogue of fleurs for Toronto! Congratulations Al!

webb said...

You do lovely work. so glad it's getting some recognition!

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Congratulations Alison!
I'll pick up a copy tomorrow when I do my last minute shopping. I'll do some happy dancing for you today while I continue getting ready for Santa!
Merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

Just ignore those grumpy shoppers and squeal away!! Congrats!!!!

labonnefemme1 said...

Congrats! Happy Holidays!

Shades of pale said...

yay yay yay! Big hugs from me 2 u!
Merry Christmas :)

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cannava said...

Congrats! Happy Holidays!


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