Friday, August 27, 2010

Shop life

It's a slow Friday here in the shop but that doesn't mean I've got nothing to do. I've been cleaning and re-organizing like a madwoman! The back of this place was starting to look like 'The hoarders." I hate clutter, and when it starts to accumulate I feel a bit nuts.

My list of things to do isn't getting any smaller because I forgot to add 'clean the shop' to the list of 'to do's.' That's how neurotic I am, I'll add something I accomplished to my list just so that I can feel the satisfaction of crossing it out!
Maybe I'll add these to my list,
1. don't mop today, you should rest after all the cleaning you've already done
2. don't worry about your mess of an apartment- you move in a week and you get to take most of that mess to Good will. Purging will feel so good.
3. don't worry about anything, worrying is a waste of time
4. do eat a cupcake, possibly two
5. and definitely dance like you've never danced before!
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I'm dancing around the shop and laughing quite hysterically at this point!
Alison xo