Friday, August 20, 2010

The bad news first?

My shop had a leak in the ceiling yesterday, I came in to find my computer sitting in water... "No, no no!" Panic, hysteria, denial, "it's gonna be okay"... Cut to Apple store, "It's not okay, everything is fried. But, at least you backed up. You did back up right? Okay, here's a number to a data recovery place, go and come back in an hour and we'll see what we can do. Jackie treated me to David's tea, she bought me Vanilla Oolong and even hugged me as I cried. Who are these people?
After an hour of weeping around Sherway Gardens clutching my delicious Oolong, visited my brother at American Eagle(he works there), window shopped and thought about draining my bank account on a Mark Jacobs hand bag to take the pain away, I made my way back to the MAC store. They greeted me as though I had a loved one in surgery. And I did. Two years of my life were documented in Iphoto. My budding relationship with Tyler, the birth of my little shop and all the work that we did to make it happen, and the hundreds of floral arrangements I've made since opening the doors, our baby bunny, the shop's files, clients, dreams, folders of inspiration, Adobe!! Programs, invoices, bookmarks, wedding inspiration. I didn't just lose a play list for shit sakes! My memories, are the souveniers of my life and the only thing I really own. I felt as though my heart was breaking open, call me dramatic but ask yourself, if you lost it all right now how would you feel? Do you need to back up? I actually believed I'd get to it, that it wouldn't happen to me. Even as I picked up my computer yesterday and drained it of 2 cups of water, I continued to use it and I believed it was fine.
But, there I stood in the MAC store with all of it's employees gathered around me at 9:05pm. They were closed but they were not rushing out the door with their coats on, they were there for me until the end, whatever that meant. And then Jackie spoke, "We all feel so bad for you so we've replaced your computer with shiny new parts, including a better hard drive and battery." My battery died months ago and that was a three hundred dollar fee I couldn't afford. Apple care doesn't cover water damage but they swooped in like little darling computer angels and rescued me from the depths of despair. I cried some more, thanked them endlessly and grabbed an external hard drive from the shelf, "Can someone tell me how to use this please?"
Please, back up your computer today. This happened to my dear friend a few months ago and I remember thinking, "Al, don't let that happen to you. There is too much to lose." But then I went and ate a burger or something.
If anyone has programs they'd like to share, I've got a clean slate and a shop computer I need to rebuild.
Alison xo


Daniella said...

Oh no! Awww... so sorry that happened too you. So much is on our comp these days... I should really back up too. I hope you get it all sorted out... at least you have lots of lovely pics on your blog! Hope your weekend is better for you!

Hawk Eyes said...

Tears in my eyes, wrench in my heart, I am so sorry. On Wed night I made a list of things to do at the shop before the end of the month, #1 was back up my computer!! Despite the dread of loosing it all, I still procrastinate in doing so?! For the life of me, I can't figure out why!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Oh no :-( That is such a sad story!

Nice that the Apple peeps came through for you. Did you get one of the wireless external harddrives? Those are cool because everything kind of backs itself up (as opposed to consciously thinking of it, hooking it all up and taking care of it that way).

Cheer up though - new memories will be made and the old ones aren't lost - just will be a bit fuzzier!

AntiqueChase said...

Thank you. Just wrote it on my things to do today list. I haven't backed up my photos in ages...

I'm sorry that happened... really sorry

Anonymous said...

Losing my photos is one of my greatest fears. I'm sorry you lost your stuff, but I love your happy story about the wonderful Apple employees.

Anonymous said...

OH NO NO NO!!! Im so sorry! Well you do have some lovely photos on your blog, so at least cyberspace exists, imagine if we didnt have digital and everything could go up in flames (not that you want to hear that right now)
Good luck with your monthly back up routine right!?
(Billies Bouquet in Squamish)