Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm learning

It's been almost a year since I opened the doors to Coriander Girl. I've learned a lot about people and even more about myself in these last 12 months. About a month after I opened a man walked in and proceeded to tell me, I was a lucky girl and things were going to start happening for me, profound things. Well, naturally I ate this up. Who doesn't want to hear that they are destined for greatness? I was loving it. What I wasn't prepared for was when the man slid a piece of paper across my counter that read, $150.
He wanted payment for his predictions. My heart sank as I quickly realized, I'd been had. "Not so fast," I thought. I proceeded to assure him I was not about to pay for this as I didn't knowingly enter into a business agreement. There was nothing that lead me to believe I had to pay for our conversation and I told him he was very much out of line. This kind of dealing is deceitful.

But, I also didn't want him to put a hex on my future so I slid the paper back across the desk with a crossed out $150 and instead wrote, $20. "That's the best I can do, I didn't ask for this and as a new business owner- I can't even afford this!"
Needless to say, he accepted the twenty dollars and left, assuring me all would be well in my life.
Cut to almost one year later, I'm sitting here at my shop desk today on the computer, a man walks in, not the same man but similar looking. He tells me I have a "lucky face." I size him up, this time I'm ready, this time I know his game and I ain't playin.'
He withdraws a bit, "Ahh, you're lucky girl but you think too much."
"Ney ney, kind Sir, I have been burned before and now I must be cautious. But, I wish you much success and the best of luck in your life." And away he went. He may have been the greatest fortune teller of all time but the way things have been unfolding for me this last year, I love being surprised by my good fortune. I believe in destiny to a degree but you've got to go after it and you have to believe you are deserving of an incredible life. If you see your glass as half empty, it's always going to be half empty.

Who needs a dance party people!? It's August, there are still so many lovely days a head before the cold comes! Let's celebrate these glorious days!!
Come on and work it on out! Click here shake it, shake it, shake it!!!

Harry says hello!! And hopes you're enjoying your summer as much as he is.
Alison xo


Denise Fasanello said...

Oh I could have told you great things will come your way just by reading and looking at your amazing work over the last several months. And I wouldn't even charge you for it ;)

Urbanstems said...

Hey Lady C.Well done you.Now I am off to shake it !! Sinead

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