Saturday, November 21, 2009

on a personal note

My mum called me the other day in tears because we hadn't spoken in so long (she would normally not share this with me for fear of making me feel bad). When I heard her little voice quiver my heart broke open. This is the problem with owning your own business. Just when you go to pick up the phone, something else pops up on your list of a thousand things to do and phone calls and e-mails and things that should actually be top priority get pushed aside.
She reads this blog now to feel close to me and I've got to say, dearest mum, you are my woman! You are the reason I am capable of all of this. My earliest memories are of my mother telling me to do what makes me happy and I know that's why I never settled. I never stayed in a job that I wasn't fulfilled by and I pursued my acting career because I had this woman in my corner championing my every move. (She and I are not only mother and daughter but kindred friends) I am so blessed. She is very practical, feet firmly planted on the ground and at times I've feared she would disapprove of my choices but instead she has celebrated every moment with me in total support- maybe she was living a bit vicariously through me. My dad has always had his head in the clouds and lives his life seeking pleasure. I'd like to think my brother and I fall somewhere in between. Although, I think my head is more often in the clouds than thinking practically. My brother, who is an awesome person, wrote this quote on his wall yesterday and I just have to share it, “When once you have tasted flight you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward: for there you have been and there you will always be.” - Henry Van Dyke
It's so true. You can't taste the finest provencal cheese and go back to the whiz. Or, maybe the message is, you can go back to the whiz but you have the memory of that delectable gouda and you spend your life striving to taste that stinky cheese as often as you possibly can.
Aim high soldiers...aim high. And tell your family how much you adore them!
xo A
Shout out to P and B, you know who loves ya?! You know what I'm sayin?!