Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can't sleep

It's 2:20am and I can't sleep even though I'm extremely tired. Perhaps it's the three pots of Jasmine green tea Tyler and I shared tonite, but then he should be up also. Actually, he can drink espresso before bed so I'm not surprised he's sleeping soundly.
I love house noises when you're feeling safe. The ticking clock, the hissing radiators, and the street noises below are all very soothing. Maybe it's time to give this sleep thing one more try. Exciting things are happening at the shop, I sort of feel like every night is the night before "back to school" after summer holidays. The newness of it all and the endless possibilities of what the year might be like. Not being able to sleep because you're wrought with nervous energy, imagining how your day will unfold.
Thrilling and not particularly sleep inducing but I'll give it another go.
Alison xo