Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where have you been?

Oh it's me? I've been missing! Well, the honeymoon was a dream, that is after I recovered from the black plague! 3 days in Rome hunched at the mouth of a toilet cursing, "get this demon out of me!" Clearly my body wanted me to rest so we headed for the Tuscan hills, thanks to "!" We planted ourselves in a two storey stone villa overlooking olive groves and cypress trees. Truly it was the most romantic place to be for our "Luna dei Meille!" Honeymoon! And when you say that to people they pour Grappa down your throat! Ah-mazing. Tyler can tell you all about his Grappa experience. Let's just say it kicked the 'crappa' out of him. Oh my sweet doodle. Below are a few pics from the trip! Happy mothers day today sweet mamas! Much love!! Alison xoxo
Our apartment overlooked the Trevi fountain. 4am, still awake and had the city centre to ourselves. We walked for miles that night, kissed in doorways, danced down cobble stone alleys, laughed for hours and not another person in sight. However this picture was taken by a human cop.
Then I got sick. We passed this fountain a few days later when I finally started to feel better and I said, "honey, it's me!"
Then we found the botanical gardens and it all changed, the curse was lifted!
The flowers made me swoon and dream about the garden I'd like to have.
Borgo Pretale was like something out of a movie. A true Tuscan Villa.
Narona and Lu Lu kept us company most days, we all layed about purring happily 'Under The Tuscan Sun.'
Morning, afternoon and evening espresso was a must! A few more pics to come tomorrow! Thanks for reading dear friends! Alison xo


webb said...

Italy is so on my bucket list! Great pictures, but they are whetting my appetite! thanks for sharing!

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Great photos!Love love love!The flowers are so pretty!And love the awesome view!

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