Monday, May 14, 2012


A few more pics from our wee holiday. After Rome we headed for Tuscany, Sovicille to be exact, just outside of Sienna. From this central spot we were able to tour around the surrounding Tuscan villages. Thanks to Antonella and her incredible team at Borgo Pretale for making our honeymoon so magical.
San Gimignano was my favourite village, they call it the Manhattan of Italy.
A day of wine tasting with the loveliest Australian couple, Lyn and Paul. 11 hours later and a very solid buzz and an invitation to Australia!
We'll never forget Mario from Ardenga winery in Montalcino. He was so dear.
The next night back at Borgo Pretale and another wine tasting.
This picture is blurry but I like it because it perfectly describes how I felt after all that wine, 3 hours later!
And finally the last night at our Tuscan retreat. We haven't really told anyone this but the day before we went to check out and they told us we still had one more day! Hilarious.
We decided to sleep at the airport the night before we flew out, an experience we won't soon forget. Thanks for reading! I'll be back next week with so much shop news, it's gonna blow your socks off! Alison xo
To my darling Tyler, I'll never forget the warm Tuscan days we spent together in April of 2012.


the best part of my day... said...

What gorgeous shots, Alison! Really dreamy. It's Angie from Black Tulip. Hope you're back in the swing of things and loving the new shop ;-)

Jaime said...

You did not sleep in the airport! I cannot wait for our next tea date. We have to share travel tales!

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