Saturday, July 30, 2011

A lovely wedding shower

My bestest friend in the land, Ms. Brittany Smith threw me the most magnificent wedding shower last week, even though we were in the 11th hour she felt it was really important, and I'm so glad she did. Our dearest friend Jamie Dobbs A.K.A The Sassy Lamb joined in to help out with food and decorations and a lovely wedding shower was born.

To have all my best girl friends and very special lady family members showering me with love was so magical.

Jaime's desserts were so beautiful, and look! It's a cookie in honour of our rabbit Harry and maybe I'm biased but her Coriander cupcakes are to die for!

Coriander Girl flowers had to make an appearance.

Cucumber water, yes please!

Such beauties.

I would like to thank all the beautiful women who attended and contributed to the group gift, a spa day!!! It's booked and I'm going on Tuesday! For those of you who couldn't make it, you were deeply missed. Much love to every single one of you for making this such a special day for me. A special thank you to my dear friend Jenn for her delicious salads and joyful spirit, darling Mischa for helping Britt and me in so many ways, to my dear Kerriander for taking so much stress off of me on a daily basis and a killer fruit salad and to my aunties for their fruit and vegetable contributions as well. What fun we had!
Stay tuned, as the next post will have even more details with pictures by the lovely Jaime Dobbs(The Sassy Lamb).
Alison xo