Sunday, May 15, 2011

New artisans yippeee!

So, I think it's about time we shine a light on the new artisans selling their beautiful creations at Coriander Girl. I'd like to begin with a gal whose work really takes my breath away. Her creations are so delicate, so rustic, so charming and I can barely keep them in stock. If you haven't heard about Kalpna Patel and her company Old Weston, you're in for a treat! Feast your eyes on her beautiful work below. And visit her blog to see what this incredible crafty lady is up to.

Twig brooches are cast from real twigs and are sterling silver or brass
Her signature acorn necklaces are either sterling silver or gold-plated, they all have real pearls on the bottom and swarovski crystals attached to them. Kalpna, it's an absolute honour to carry your beautiful pieces at Coriander Girl! xo

She might not consider herself an artisan but I believe there is an art to growing plants and my bestest friend in the universe was born with a bright green thumb. This girl could bring life to a rubber tire. Brittany Smith, thank you for Joy Greens. Joy Greens is organic cat grass grown lovingly by my bestest friend in the universe! It's harder to come by than you might think and your kitties are gonna thank you for holding the pesticides! Bitty's cats name is Joy Credenza and his testimonial goes something like this, "me likey grassy mommy."

And finally, you can get all these wonderful creations when you place an order for a Gift Box of Love! Come by the shop and with your flowers you can also put together a little Gift Box of Love for that special someone you adore. You can put anything in the Gift Box of Love, Joy Greens, an Old Weston twig brooch, a delicious Waupoos Cider from The Merrill Inn or a soap from Honey Pie Hives and Herbals. That's the beauty of the GBOL!

Until next time dear friends!
Alison xo


Jaime said...

Oh.. your gift box of love is such a wonderful idea!

Rhya said...

omg acorn necklace must have!

Dawn M said...

I love the acorn necklace very much x