Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coriander Girl on The Wedding Co!

Coriander Girl was featured on The Wedding Co. today! I'm so over the moon about this! Catherine Lash visited the shop last week and stayed for almost two hours interviewing me. I told her it felt like she slipped me truth serum, she was so easy to talk to that I would have told her anything! Catherine hosts The Spring Wedding show and The Carlu show every year and if you haven't already heard about this fabulous woman I'm certain you will as her star is quickly rising. Catherine started The Wedding Co. just over ten years ago because she felt the need to bring together all of the incredible people she was meeting in the industry as a wedding photographer. She is an extraordinary woman doing great things for small businesses, creating a diverse network of talented people. It was an honour having her here in my shop.
Be sure to check out The Wedding Co and watch for upcoming events like The Wedding Collection, 15 years of wedding photographs on display by Catherine Lash and Stephen Bulger. And Catherine's regular posts which include anything from a Toronto wedding to what's happening around the globe.

Alison xo

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