Monday, April 18, 2011


Is anyone else down in the dumps? I don't have any reason to be. It's literally this crap weather we've been having. I wanna pull the blankets up over my head and hide away from it all. The work is piling and I'm staying on top of it but you know that feeling, when you're dangerously close to dropping the ball. I'm not gonna drop my ball, I'm gonna keep makin' three pointers from centre court and I'm gonna retire my jersey one day as a hall of famer. The sun just has to come out. I'm like the opposite of a vampire! I wither with every passing cloud.
On a more positive note, change is upon us. The shop is looking lovelier than ever and I'm hopeful that spring really is just around the corner. I need a dance! Here's a nice one.

And yes, that is Robin Williams.
Alison xo


flwrjane said...

Hope you're feeling springer soon.

but, yes, I know that feeling.

It too will pass.

xo jane

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Hoping to make it into your shoppe for some spring flowers this weekend when I'm in Toronto for Easter with my family...

Unknown said...
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