Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day ruled!

Thanks to everyone who came through the Coriander doors this past week end. It was a most successful Valentines Day at the shop and my right hand Kerri, who we like to call Keriander, thanks Mischa:> was a rock star and helped pump out hundreds of beautiful bouquets. Each one as unique as the person it was made it for!
I arrived home to Belleville after a very long day at the shop to a room lit by candlelight and a picnic on the living room floor. Tyler surprised me with a cheese course, followed by a plate full of salmon sashimi~my absolute favourite thing and then if he didn't finish it off with home made chocolate dipped strawberries! What!? Life can't get any better than this!
Just last week Tyler and I celebrated Valentines Day early when we popped over to see our friends Edward and Amy, owners of the historic Merrill Inn in Picton. I needed more product for the shop, I can't keep The waupoos cider on the shelves! Well, one glass of wine turned into FOUR bottles and there we were raiding the kitchen of a five star restaurant like teenagers who just won the supermarket sweeps!(the chef just happened to need some teeth work done in Toronto so the restaurant was closed that night). We had the most beautiful cuts of organic beef, fresh green veggies and a cheese plate to finish it all off! I had to drive back to Belleville which of course meant that I couldn't drink more than a glass or two but Edward kept pouring and graciously offered us the keys to one of their luxurious rooms. This was one of those magical evenings where you go with it no matter what your obligations might be the next day. My list of obligations could wrap around the moon twice!

Thanks Edward and Amy for treating us like absolute royalty! What fun we had!
When was the last time you had an impromptu evening of pure bliss? Maybe you need to be more receptive if the opportunity presents itself and let go of the guilt that surrounds doing anything for yourself. I had one pang of guilt whilst lying neck deep in the jacuzzi and then let it all go down the drain with the bath water.
Alison xo


Jaime said...

You had TWO Valentine's Days! Fantastic! xo

The Little Florist said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful bouquet. It was one of my favourites yet. I subtly snuck in a comment to my sweetie about pre-ordering apparently it worked! So nice to hear your Valentine’s Day was a great success. Talk to you soon, Tellie
p.s Here is a picture of the bouquet all nestled in my fave vase

erica-knits said...

Oh! That sounds just lovely! Glad to hear you had a great Valentine's, Alison.

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