Saturday, February 5, 2011

This life is good

Sometimes we have to stop and appreciate where we are in this very moment.
I am busier, possibly then I have ever been in my entire life. I mean my eyes are crossing as I write this for gosh sakes. I'm commuting between home(where the heart is) and here where the shop is(and my other heart is). We're doing this so that one day we don't have to be apart. We're planning our wedding and I'm in the midst of helping twenty other brides plan their weddings and it's really amazing actually. I'll never be in this place again and I'm really trying to soak it all in. Today Coriander Girl did the flowers for Tasha and Tim, a couple quite close to my heart. She presented me with a gift when I dropped off her bouquets today, my very own rolling pin!; > Sometimes I grow so close to the brides I don't want to see their day come and go. Last week we did Candice's wedding at The Old Mill, and honestly, this woman could easily have been a life long friend but it's proximity that decides who we're going to connect with. If you never meet, well, you never meet. I can't help but believe in destiny. Tyler is just so my other half, like we were once a single entity that was struck in half by lightning and since have spent our lives finding our way back to each other. He's just home for me.

What if I'd never stepped foot into Poor John's restaurant? What if Tyler hadn't left Prince Edward County after highschool? What if my dad didn't ask his friend Hunter to introduce him to his friend Donna that night in the Harvey's parking lot up in Thornhill. What if my nana didn't want to move to Toronto from Hadenfield New Jersey when her husband got offered work here. Where would we all be now?

Can you tell I'm exhausted? When I start contemplating the universe and the 'what if's?' it's a dead giveaway.
I plan to drive home tomorrow night, curl up with my darling and sleep and sleep and sleep and kiss and sleep.
Tomorrow I'll be at The Workroom for The Love and Rummage trunk show. I'll be selling posies in apothecary bottles and other crafty things. Hope to see you there dear hearts.
Alison xo


webb said...

Whoever gets all these flowers will be lucky indeed. They are lovely as always! Enjoy your time "home" and recharge those batteries!

Unknown said...

Such pretty flowers, I love astrantia!

Sleep long and deep!

Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay said...

I'm sad I missed the Love and Rummage sale yesterday. I love your arrangements, but haven't been able to get to your shop since I live on the other side of the city. I will have to make a point to pop by soon.

Shades of pale said...

Hello my friend :)
Sorry we were running late, and you were chatting I didnt want to bug ;)
I appreciate your wonderful compliments it means so much coming from a lady like you!
Be sure to come by some time and say hi in the spring,when the shop is fresh and inspiring!
Talk soon
XO Jenny

Rhya said...

Okay i am so in love with your flower shop and arrangements that I have already made everyone at work look at your awesome creations.

so beautiful!

Janessa said...


Check your email, my dear!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love, love, love your flowers! I will surely stop by for some flowers when I'm back in my hometown to visit my family, which will probably be Easter time. Really looking forward to visiting your shop and meeting you! Oh, and seeing your beautiful flowers too :)

The Little Florist said...

What beautiful colour combinations and milk vases. I am so happy that Astrantia is available lately at market it is by far my favorite flower. I am guessing that you along with the rest of us florists are having slight anxiety over valentines day this weekend. I am quite excited to hopefully receive my Annual Valentines bouquet from Coriander Girl but I am not quite sure how to hint to my sweetie that he needs to pre-order to lighten your load the day of. Anyways, keep calm and carry on this weekend and have a big glass of wine when the day is done!
-Your Floral Friend Tellie Hunt

shamanaccount said...

With Valentines past in the corner,everybody is still a busybody. Hope you find time to pause and refresh even a dingle moment and flower arrangements makes it possible. Lovely flowers.