Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shake it up!

I'm doing something fun!
After a crazy week end with no sleep and working my little buns off with out rest, you'd think tonite I'd be pretty tired?
Somehow I can keep going when I know I have the option to flop into bed at any moment.
Also, I may just be in a state of delirium.
So, what am I doing?
Well, if you've noticed my attire lately you would have seen that I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. If you saw me three days in a row, yep, t-shirt and jeans. Oh, I change up the color of t-shirt and my jeans change frequently too but that's kind of become my lazy, no brainer uniform. Tonite, after glancing through my J.CREW catalogue I got inspired. And you fabulous, style savvy, bloggers out there post such rad pictures of cool clothes- I couldn't take it anymore. My look is in a state of emergency. I know there are real problems in the world and my life ain't so easy breezy lemon squeezy these days either with the stresses of business. Maybe I need a diversion? Maybe I need to feel pretty. Maybe I need to put as much care into myself as I do the shop, my home, my love, my rabbit, my blog so that when I walk down the street I can hold my little head up high.
So here goes. My 365 fabulous outfit project. My closet has been spilling over with fabulous finds and every time I edit down, I hold onto things saying, "I'm so going to wear that someday." That day is now people! Closets are spilling open every where! Wear that patent leather jumpsuit you squealed over at the Sally Anne. Wear those hot pink pumps you broke the bank on. No more excuses! My inspiration style gurus include, Karyn Valino(The Workroom), Rachelle Turner(Hawk Eyes), Breeyn McCarney(Fashion Designer), Amanda Woods(fashionista), oh gosh the list goes on and on. You hotties know who you are and for those of us who are wardrobe challenged and unsure where to begin, I say throw your t-shirts to the wind and go for it! It's time to look hot. Accessorize! I dare you!
When I say accessorize, I don't necessarily mean with a faux moustache. Although, I think I'm kinda rockin' this one, no?

Alison xoxo


Denise Fasanello said...

So funny you should post this! It's as if you read my mind. I am so in need of a fashion overhaul. I got a glimpse of myself in a store window and practically fell over. Running a brush through my hair once a day will be a good start ;)

Erin Candela said...

I love it, bebe!! Let's do it! I'm gonna go change right now into something befitting the lazy, sun-kissed cripple i am right now...sun-dress from mexico? I SAY YES!!

If anyone needs me I'll be on the porch with my tendon-toe up on a chair sipping sangria and reading fantasy novels in a gorgeous embroidered huipil. hee hee! xx e

Shades of pale said...

you make me laugh lady! Rock that stash!!!

webb said...

What? are you implying that there is something wrong with a summer wardrobe that consists of seven pairs of black pants and three pairs of white? I have tees to match (altho it's way MORE than seven black ones if you make me count the long sleeved ones, too!)

sk said...

Go for it! I pretty much LIVE in jeans and button-up shirts. I would love to get a little classy/sexy/fun going on in my wardrobe. I'm looking forward to your inspiration!

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Emma Jason said...

Go for it! I pretty much LIVE in jeans and button-up shirts. I would love to get a little classy/sexy/fun going on in my wardrobe. I'm looking forward to your inspiration!

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