Saturday, June 5, 2010

And breathe

Arrangements from various events this week. More to come!

Sometimes I forget to breathe. Sometimes it feels like I've been holding my breath for weeks.
Wedding season is in full swing and I had no idea what I was in for. Often challenging. Always rewarding. Sometimes illuminating.

10 Things to consider when you're a newbee,

1. When you estimate three hours to make 6 bouquets, twenty odd boutonnieres and corsages, thirty five centre pieces and two large arrangements- tack on another ten to fifteen hours and you might be close.
2. Eat something... and breathe.
3. Don't plan on doing anything else that week end, even if it is a ten second phone call to a friend. You will neglect your loved ones. Even if they just had surgery on their foot. ; >
4. Hug your boyfriend while you're sleeping because that's the closest you'll get to him in the 48 hours surrounding the wedding.
5. Pray.
6. Pack everything as if you're carrying fine crystals that will adorn the Queen, her last request as she breathes her final breath. Dude, you don't want to screw that up.
7. Eat something again... and breathe.
8. Drink a crisp white zinfandel to get you through all those carpel tunnel inducing boutonnieres. Wild Vines will do just fine.
9. Pray again... and breathe.
10. Hire an amazing woman who can do it all effortlessly, and enjoys drinking on the job too! One glass, we're professionals!

A very special thank you to Kerri and Meesha for doing such an amazing job here in the shop. You'll be seeing a new face here and there. Don't be frightened, change is good.

Remember to breathe.

Alison xo


flwrjane said...

Good on you Alison! Everything looks beautiful, and very Coriander Girl.
I work with 2 other designers every wedding and we are a well oiled wheel.

last weekend one was out of town and I was in a state of panic, i know how you feel.

Help is a great thing, glad you got some!

Anonymous said...

it's a great inducement to work with you! we're all learning here, whether we're just out of school, own our own shop, or professional designers. a pleasure to be a part of this learning process.

but don't we love to eureka moments!

-mischa, from upstairs

Urbanstems said...

The arrangements are fab Lady C. I like your notes re wedding work. I have found them tough and me and my flower friend work well together too. I have found myself not breathing too and chapped lips from assessing the work from a distance...thinking mmmm is it ok?!! So congrats on the help thing it is not a weakness. Gives you strength!!!!

Melanie said...

Ahhh.. the good ole' days!!!:-))))

I wish I had your list when I was starting out. I learned quickly when my first wedding was at 10 am with a reception at noon! Who does that?;-)))

Your flowers are gorgeous!! Over time you will find it gets much. much. easier. I promise. You have a passion for flowers and a magic touch... a perfect combination!

Enjoy the process:D

webb said...

It's a tough life - especially during the wedding season - but your results are beautiful. Your creativity will live on in someone's album for the rest of her life. How's that for immortal? Good work. Now breathe.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your style and will be visiting the store as soon as I can!
I was hoping that when you post your lovely photos if you could also provide the details of the flower varieties for us still learning--pretty please.

Shan Van said...

I'd love to work with you in your little shop . . . Working on weddings, doing pretty and creative magic. To bad i have a day job.

Erin Candela said...

You can do it! You are amazing! We are all rooting for you! xx e

Euphoria said...

I´ll try to remember that! Thank you!
I love your arrangements and your shop. Lolaina posted about what you do, and I must say I would love to have a shop like yours!!! Congratulations!!! It is BEAUTIFUL.

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