Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013~ letting go

I love this time of year. It's got the fresh start feel of September but the new year suggests a clean slate where one has the opportunity to begin again. It's time to start new projects, dig out half finished ones and get them done or toss it out, along with all the mental clutter it's caused you for not seeing it through. It's ok to start things and then move on, but my new approach is to let go of all the guilt that consumes me if I don't get back to something. This is the year I give myself a break for not being perfect. I've been trying to do it all for too long, how can you give 100% of yourself to everything, you're going to drop a few balls here and there and that's ok too!! You know, I almost drowned in the sea of plastic balls at Chucky Cheese when I was 5. I just remember a whistle blowing and someone asked all the kids to get out of the balls. I guess my little hand emerged and they dove in after me. So, I've got ball issues ok. lol that sounds amazing. ; > Point being, let the balls drop where they may. 

So, I'm going to dance more and worry less about the small stuff. It's always this time of year that I'm reminded to think my own thoughts rather then to let my brain run on autopilot. How many thoughts a day are you not even conscious of? Worry can consume me if I'm not careful. I worry that I'm not being a good friend, a good daughter, good sister, good auntie, good cousin, good niece, good grandaughter, good daughter in law, good business owner. I am a damn good wife and a good bunny mama. But seriously, in our lives as busy freaking women, we can't do it all. My friend Amy blames Martha a little bit, I have to agree. But Martha had a team behind her and even she wound up in jail.
I am full of hope for the year ahead. The dishes can wait, The Vampire Diaries cannot.
Team Damon! That ones for you Karyn ; >
What task can you swap out for something much more fun right now? Give yourself permission to let go and enjoy this life. You'll never regret the time you put off writing that e-mail and went for late night all you can eat sushi.

Alison xo