Thursday, June 7, 2012

The shop at night

Wedding season is in full swing. My nights are usually spent here in the shop working. When I flip the sign to say CLOSED, truly it becomes a magical place. Cartoon creatures circling my feet, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Alison xo


Aprile said...

Haha, what a happy bunny!

Martin & the Magpie said...

love,love,love.....xx..wonderland indeed!

Melinda Josie said...

Ahh, Harry! Oh, I love him! What a sweet little thing.

Rachel said...

Too cute!
Harry: hop, hop, hop, run, run, run, hop, hop, hop.
FLOP down. Ahh...

sarah n said...

oh that put such a smile on my face...
he loves you, that little harry.

mischa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mischa said...

Love this so much! I hope all is best, Alison. I promise to pop by sometime over time summer!


Sara @ Sweetpeas said...

I know that feeling, except my cartoon character isn't quite as hoppy, and tends to block my path a bit more. So awesome to see your little guy spread his happy love with you.

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