Sunday, January 9, 2011

No more cookies for breakfast

My darling ducklings, how are you all feeling? Is 2011 everything you dreamed it would be? See, I do this thing where I set myself up for failure. I preach on about no expectations, forgiving myself, being in the moment and so on and so forth and for the most part I believe it. 2011 hits and I'm already berating myself for the yoga I've yet to do and the pending cleanse I'm supposed to start. My business, my extraordinary love affair with flowers and antiques is getting 90 percent of me, Tyler is getting the other 10 and everyone else is wondering where the heck I've been. I tell them, "don't worry you'll see me when things slow down after Christmas." Ha! Slow down? This train is moving full steam ahead and if I jump off now I'm afraid I won't catch it again. I've worked hard and I'm finally starting to get things organized but I'm beginning to wonder if things will ever slow down. Poor baby, this is a happy problem like when you open the fridge and there are two cheesecakes.
So, I didn't start the yoga but there is a certain amount of zen in the focus I have to give my business. The cleanse starts tomorrow, and to my family, relax I can eat on this one. I'm only cutting out sugar and dairy and I'll be drinking oceans of water, which I never ever do! No wonder I ache! I'll keep trying to forgive myself, remain in the moment and let go of my expectations for 2011 and if I can't, well, there's always next year.

Alison xo


Anonymous said...

Your arrangements are so beautiful and your blog is so entertaining!
I happened upon your site while looking for a wedding photographer - but now all I want to do is buy flowers!

I will definitely come into your shop next time I am in Parkdale.

Also, yes more scrabble in your life will lead to more happiness!


sweetie pie press said...

maybe you should be more opportunistic about resolutions. new year's is kind of arbitrary, anyway. why not realize them when you sense a lull?

Brittany Smith said...

Okay, here's the thing. Your business is your baby, and you dear, have mommy-brain. It's no wonder that folks are wondering where you've been!
It's natural to want to pour all of your attention and love into your new creation,(and your honey, Tyler.) Anyone who truly cares for you will wait for that overdue Christmas card, or birthday greeting.
And please, please don't be too hard on yourself about resolutions. Trust me, lady, you ARE doing enough.

Urbanstems said...

Lady C life is too short for regrets. You go girl - you can do yoga another day. I received an award today Stylish blogger award and I would like to award you. I know you are a busy bunny so dont fret on the paperwork (leave it til next year!) To accept this award you need to
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Sinead x

Laura Collins said...

Hey Alison I nominated you for a fun little thing that is being passed around blog land:

Laura xoxo

Hawk Eyes said...

So then I guess an afterwork drink is out of the question!
I'll call you if I feel like yoga.

singapore florist said...

i always support for a healthy life things :D

Coriander Girl said...

Thanks so much for being my incredibly loving support team! I am so lucky.