Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breathing it all in

I'm beginning to think it might never slow down. This is an amazing thing and I know how fortunate I am to be busy.
And although I'm tired, I'm still loving every single second of it. I auditioned for the Marilyn Denis show yesterday. I stood in line with 950 other hopefuls just praying to get in front of the camera and keep my wits about me. I was surely wind blown and stiff from the cold but when I got to the tent I was greeted with such warmth from the ladies auditioning me that I was able to gather my troops and give it my best, well as best as can be wind blown and blue lipped. Perhaps they'll see that spark in me and want me as a guest to talk all things floral. It feels right. I've come to this place in life where everything seems to be aligning just so. I've been preparing for this for many years as an actress turned flower girl, it's kind of perfect. Coriander Girl crushes Frankie Flowers! Just kidding, we love that man.
Wish me luck!

Alison xo


Anonymous said...

I'd watch you for sure! Great store; great personality; great photo!


Urbanstems said...

Hope it works out Lady C. Great photos(funny Im wearing similar stripes and jeans - must be a flower uniform..LOL!). Now have a dance and celebrate the good times.Sinead x

Shades of pale said...

They will probably see how sweet and charming you are and have you as a regular..... ;)

Anna said...

Good luck!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Yay!!! Good luck darling. You're one of a kind and I'm certain that you made a wonderful impression! Wouldn't be surprised if you and Marilyn became bosom buddies. :)

shira said...

You'd be perfect! They'd be lucky to have you.

liz | the nouveau romantics said...

a little belated - but funny enough, a good friend (from summer camp!?) is the gardening guy on Marilyn's show! Small world.

Love what you're doing up in T.O. and next time I'm up visiting family I'll definitely drop by!